Lost Domain is a Heavy Metal Band from Stockholm, Sweden. Soon be coming out with their album "In the Waiting Room of Death" in 2018


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Working as a freelancer for : The Banyan Tee (Bhopal)  | Bangalore Open Air (Bangalore)  | Violent Groove - Record Label (Sweden)  Brutality Records - Record Label (North Carolina) | Kamakhya Records - Psychedelic Record Label ​ |  C-II-M Productions - Music Management &  Record Label (San Antonio, Texas)

Collaborator of Dark Arts at Dark Arts  Compendium  ​​


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My technique for creating Artworks is "Mixed Media". As my all artworks are created Digitally using multiple softwares (Potoshop, Illustrator & Mandelbulb3D) I use Manipulations, Digital Painting & Fractals to bring my vision to life..

My Art fall into the category of Dark | Psychedelic | Surreal. I love using lots of colors in my artworks because the way I see it, art represents our human lives, and to add colors to a dark art is like seeing the beauty of life even in the darker times and cherish it.. so the blend of too many colors make it psychedelic & beautifully dark..

I have also collaborated with many dark artists around the world to present my vision of their Dark Artworks, giving them my touch to make it a masterpiece. Collaborating Artists Include :  Chris Helton (Kujjiea Art) | Gavyn Dalyn (Black Ink Void) | Hannah Ruth (Nightmare Artistry)Kriti Kalyan (Visual Conceptions) | Robert Balgoh | Misia Slemp | Justell Vonk | Susanna Tuomaala (WrongSideArt)

I also specializes in Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Design and have been working for Musicians / Bands and Events (globally) for, Teasers, Intros, Audio Visualizers, Stage Visuals, Art Animations, Animated GIFs, Lyric Videos, Graphics, Posters etc..

My work also includes working with Brands, Companies & Service Providers for creating Digital Promotional content like Animated Explainer/Typographic Videos or whatever comes my way..

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The Banyan Tee is Bhopal based online T-Shirt brand for expressive clothing. The brand offers "Cool" and witty designs on "Premium" quality cotton tees at "Delightful" rates. Also available on Amazon, Shopclues and Snapdeal.

Adanj Productions is a Production House for Film | Music | Emotion, collaborated with big names in the Indian Industry. Do visit the website for details www.adanj.in

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Hatescape is a studio based metal band originating from Newcastle, Australia




Changing Gods is a Thrash Metal Band from the United States. Soon coming out with their Debut Album.


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Orecus is a Heavy Metal Band from Sweden formed by the members of Deathember

Violent Groove is a Swedish Record Label formed by the former members of Deathember (Swedish Metal Band) specialized in Audio & Video Production for the upcoming musicians across the globe  



A new dark metal project put together by former ACHERON frontman Vincent Crowley

Solo metalcore project of Boston based guitarist Abhiruk Patowary

Black Lakes is a Heavy Metal Band from United Kingdom releasing their Debut Album this year 2018



A platform to express thoughts, views and ideas. A space to discuss and spread awareness about psychedelics. The science, the culture, and their connection to humanity.

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!! Visual Artist Open for Commissions !!

Gaia is a Djent / Metalcore project of Abhirukh Patowary from Delhi - India..

Company involved with Event Management, Band management, Public Relations, Gigs, Booking agents etc., currently based in Bangalore, India.

Ojasvi Verma is a very talented Dancer -  Performer - Choreographer from Bhopal and "Expressions" is her Dance Channel with over 100k subscribers



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Formed back in ‘95, Keep Of Kalessin is an Extreme Metal Band from Norway with  highly technical, diverse and unique style of metal. signed up with Nuclear Blast Record Label.


Zygnema is a Thrash/Groove Metal Band from Mumbai, formed in 2006 having a huge fan following across the globe and has also represented India at many International festivals 



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Elemental India is a group of young, talented musicians reaching the heights, playing Bhopali Death Metal. 

Fallen Prince Gaming is a Twitch Streamer specializes in Apex legends as his primary game to stream as well as Overwatch  

The “RCFA Best Electronica Artist Award” winner PARANOX, is the most happening Trap and Dubstep DJ / Producer. Shared stage with Lost Stories, Nikhil Chinapa, Zaeden, Teri Miko, Siana Catherine, The Dirty Code & many more.


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Nile is an American death metal band from United States known for their dedicated lyrical and musical styles inspired by Egyptology and works of H.P. Lovecraft.

BOA is an Open Air Metal Music Festival started in 2011 in Bangalore, powered by Wacken Open Air (World's Biggest Open Air Metal Fest)  attracing all kinds of Metal Music Fans in India

As Skies Divide is a Progressive Metal Band from Stockholm, Sweden. Soon be coming out with their album "Throne of Sanity" in 2017

Halahkuh is a 4 piece Death/ Thrash Metal Band from Pune, India formed in January 2011. Their music speaks about the harshest moments and the struggles we face in our day to day life.


Made by Me is a monthly subscription box, a do-it-yourself craft kit for all ages including all the essential supplies in desired quantity for a hassle free crafting experience right at home www.madebymediy.com


Postpickle is a News/Media Website bringing everything that’s happening around the world, in the most amazing and interesting way possible. It is committed to serve trending and unconventional stories for the youth

Deccan Rock is a Metal Festival organized every year by the Orka Network, well-known event and artist management company, dedicated to bringing the best possible live entertainment experience to those who love music  

elemental india

aDANJ studio


Lakshya Bhatnagar is a Playback SInger / Perfomer / Entertainer who has a unique voice and a classy style of entertaining the masses.

Hitech Record Label from India, formed in 2016 by MetaDrop and Friends, speacialised in experimental Hitech tunes.
Keep it Psychedelic



Vivek Singh is  an independent singer  Singer & a Performer from Bhopal  

the banyan tee



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Yoshua is an Psychedelic Trance, Ambient, Downtempo, DnB Artist from Mexico. Associated with DiscordiaCrew // AnomalisticRecords

​Stage Visuals created for the event in Norway. Lyconet is a strong international shopping community that is growing all the time, providing you with a sturdy basis for your business

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Rock N' Roll Originals is an exclusive licensed merchandise and memorabilia online store curated by the Bangalore Open Air festival. 

Oculus Omega is  a Melodic Metal Band from Sydney, Australia  


INNAFOR - Buffet and Utested is a small restaurant in the middle of Trondheim Center. More specifically in Gjelvangveita 9, 7010 Trondheim. Norway



​Xubaan came into existence on 11th March, 2017 with an idea to create commercial musical content on YouTube


Musician / Band

Apricot is a group of Rock n Roll Musicians from my hometown Bhopal. 



I am a Self-Taught freelance Visual Artist/ Designer / Video Artist working Worldwide  under the name "Yuvraj Imaginaria" 

It all started in 2013 when I found interest in photo editing softwares and started creating artworks. That was the time when my brother got into Heavy Metal Drumming and started a Metal band. Being interested in Graphics / Designing I started creating artworks for the band and expanded my reach by working for Musicians & Bands over time.

Thrash Metal band since the 90s from Mumbai.
Sceptre has been around since 20 years - it's truly been among the pioneers of extreme metal in the country. 

Deadly Diamond is a music label from Aberdeen NC - that Specializes in “Rock “n” Roll” Alternative Rock and Southern Rock Music”   

The Raven Age is a Melodic Heavy Metal Band from UK led by George Harris (son of the Legendary Steve Harris - IRON MAIDEN)


Changing Gods

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Kamakhya Records is a not for profit Record Label based in Jorhat, Assam with all proceeds going to the Lynti Khasi School in the village of Umsawwar, Meghalaya, Northeast India


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