Video Designing involves creation of short Trailers / Teasers / Animated artworks solely for the promotional purpose on social channels or elsewhere. A promotional video can be used to promote your Services, Business, Music or anything in the effective & creative way. It is most common with Events & Musicians as it includes VFX based Revealers for an upcoming Project and many more.

These videos are specifically created for Musicians & Bands with a basic set of animations to go with the track, unlike Lyric Videos, they are non-conceptual and may have a single animated environment with an audio visualizer throughout as per their Album designs or Theme. 

it is the best way for artists to reach people who want to hear their music with eye-catchy animations and scenarios giving the the proper feel of their Music. Lyric Videos may vary from basic to very complex depending upon the lyrics, theme and concept. The vision and creative direction of these videos depends mostly on the designer. The Lyrical Videos created depends upon the style and atmosphere of the music. 

visual animations / motion graphics

video design / promotional videos

This includes animations for short Intros, Album, Posters, Artworks, Stage Visuals, Logo Reveals for Musicians, bands, companies, events & social media as per the theme and style.  Elements appearing in a visual animation are designed depending on understanding of the Music or Brand.

stream video production / audio visualizers


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artwork / logo designs

lyric video production

To keep everything simple and easy to understand, I ask for few references, as to how the video/art should look, for my better understanding. And then I come up with an exact quote.. OR I just take a strict budget, and I do whatever I can under the given budget. Price Range usually depends upon the complexity and customizations  of graphics involved.

Yuvraj Imaginaria

This Includes creating Conceptual or Non-Conceptual  Digital / Graphic Art for  Musicians  & Bands for their Album Covers, EPs, Merchandise etc. It varies from simple to complex design depending upon the requirement or as per a given theme. I also have a collection of personal artworks which is available for sale..  Visit Artwork Gallery for references.